What is Channeling?

There are other dimensions of pure energy. Other layers of refraction between this reality and the oneness that is the source of all, the source of everything, all matter and energy.

In these other dimensions exist other consciousnesses. (All our consciousnesses exists there as well.) There are multiple other dimensions, but the divisions between them are blurry, more like a gradient than hard, separate realities, just as the separation between our reality and the next dimension is blurry. More and more of us are feeling the interchange between this reality and other dimensions. The dimension “closest” to us, the easiest for us to access, is where our consciousness goes after the physical body dies, where our dead relatives exist. Where we exist until we reincarnate.

In channeling, we can connect with our higher self or with other entities, other beings, other consciousnesses from these other dimensions who can convey information to us. The exact names of the entities don’t matter so much, we assign the names, us humans, to make sense of whatever we’re communicating with. It’s just the universal intelligence communicating through another channel, another frequency.

The distinction between our higher self and other entities is also blurry and fuzzy. You can think of it think as channeling your higher self, but some of us feel like we need to channel other entities in order to believe the wisdom that comes through, because we don’t believe that it could come from us. But on one level it’s all the same – our higher self, our guides. Every person experiences it in the way that works for them.

The boundary between this conscious reality and other dimensions has always been blurry, but we needed to go through a phase where the collective consciousness believes that there is a hard separation. We needed to move away from all superstition. Humanity needed to go through this phase of hyper-rationality, to break out of the control that religion had on our society, to break out of the mindset that only religious leaders or spiritual leaders have access to this other state. Because that blurriness was abused in the past, by religious leaders, by spiritual leaders, by people following their animal nature to hold on to power. It was abused, it was used to control people, and we needed to develop a worldview in which our reality was separate from other dimensions. Humanity had to shift to an over-reliance on the mind and rationality.

But now it’s time to rebalance that. Not to go back to how things were, but to move forward to a state where everyone has access to their higher self, everyone has access to this guidance and wisdom, so that everyone can see beyond the confines of their own mind, beyond the limited reality that exists in our minds and in our rationally constructed society. It’s time for everyone to experience the full nature of reality, the connection between us all.

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