One common obstacle that prevents many of us from feeling Love is our constantly over-stimulated and stressed-out nervous system.

That’s why all Embracing Love sessions begin with a calming relaxation meditation, to help us unplug from the frantic pace of life, reconnect with our physical bodies, and bring our attention together in our shared space.

Perhaps you’d like to relax now, these ideas are much more accessible after calming our racing thoughts and soothing our tremulous emotions. When we’re calm and relaxed, our conscious mind is more receptive to receiving new information.

Try this fifteen-minute guided relaxation for a break from stress and worry.

Or if you’re in a hurry, this 5-minute breathwork meditation is also great for a quick relaxation.

We are all currently living through unprecedented levels of stress. As individuals and as a collective species, we have become so accustomed to living in a state of constant stress that we no longer realize how it affects us.

One aspect of our hard-wired stress response is a cocktail of hormones that flood the brain and body, triggering several different effects. One of these effects is an inhibition of the prefrontal cortex, the area of the brain that governs rational thought.

Far back in our evolutionary history, when we were stressed, it was because our physical safety was threatened with bodily harm or death. The stress hormones functioned to shut down extraneous thought in order to keep us focused on immediate physical threats.

In our modern lives, most of us rarely face threats of physical violence, but our stress hormones still keep us focused expectantly on threats of violence. The more stressed we are, the more difficult it becomes to perceive clearly, think rationally, and act reasonably.

When we’re constantly under stress, our entire experience of life is altered. Our existence revolves solely around threats and danger. We’re unable to clearly perceive our environment because stress keeps our mind in a state of vigilance, constantly scanning our life for what is wrong.

When we’re stressed, we spend so much time looking for what is wrong in our lives that we can’t see what is right. We can’t enjoy the physical safety of our homes, the nourishment of our food, the comfort of our material possession, or the company of friends and family.

Our constant state of stress prevents us from enjoying all the little pleasures in life that can bring us joy and happiness. When we calm down our mind and nervous system, then we are able to widen our perception of life beyond the constant search for threats.

When we sooth and relax our stressed-out brains, then we can start to open our hearts and feel the love that is available to us. When our minds are not constantly searching for threats, we can feel safe enough to love ourselves, love our lives, and love the people around us.

Below you’ll find more variations of the guided relaxation meditation, from our weekly Zoom sessions. Each one is slightly different, beginning at the head, the feet, or a chakra; variety can help keep the practice fresh and engaging. Feel free to check back here whenever you’re in need of a calming relaxation.

Now that we’re relaxed and grounded in our bodies, let’s explore opening our hearts to love: Feel

Guided Relaxation Meditations

Awaken and Align Chakras Guided Meditation

A 40 minute guided meditation beginning with a body check in then awakening and aligning the chakras. For more Radiant Spirit Meditations and Embracing love Practices

“Be the Tree” Chakra Alignment

A guided meditation exercise to connect with Mother Earth and cleanse and align your chakras. For more Radiant Spirit Meditations and Embracing Love Practices

Chakra Alignment and Lower Chakra Power Chant

A 40 minute guided meditation that will clear and align your chakras followed by a power chant to awaken your root, sacral and solar plexus chakras to help you come into your courage. For more Radiant Spirit Meditation and Embracing Love Practices


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