Spirit Guides

We all have spirit guides who have been with us our entire lives, whether we’re aware of them or not. We are all born with this ability, and this connection occurs through our hearts and feelings. But as the world conditions us to disconnect from our hearts and emotions1, we lose our connection to our guides.

Now is the time to reconnect!

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Additionally, one of the most effective ways to become more open and receptive to our guides is to love ourselves 😊 Spirit guides are beings of light and love, and when we fill ourselves with love, it draws them closer to us. So feel free to check out our Embracing Love videos as well. Most of these meditations are channeled2 from our guides.

(1) For detailed information on the documented, peer-reviewed research describing how our culture conditions us to disconnect from our emotions, I highly recommend The Myth of Normal, by Gabor Mate, MD

(2) For more information on channeling, we highly recommend Opening to Channel, by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer
Or here are some blog posts channeled from our guides on the topic: Channeled Wisdom