We all want love. We all need love. We all deserve love. But for many of us, love seems hard to find. Embracing Love is an invitation to bring more love into our lives.

Love includes and transcends all spiritual and religious traditions. Love is universal, Love is human.

There are many ways to bring more love into our lives, some will resonate with us, others will not.

Embracing Love can mean calming and relaxing our stressed-out, over-stimulated nervous system, to allow ourselves to feel our emotions and connect with our bodies.

Embracing Love can mean striving to process and integrate a lifetime of emotional wounds that taught us to close our hearts and repress our emotions.

Embracing Love can mean unlearning a lifetime of ingrained ideas and cultural conditioning that taught us to seek love from external sources, from people or situations who only gave us love when we acted in certain ways or fit into preconceived expectations.

Embracing Love can mean learning to love ourselves, exactly as we, and giving ourselves the love we always longed for.

Embracing love can mean learning to love others exactly as they are, and giving them the love they’ve always longed for.

Embracing Love can mean cultivating a feeling of love in our hearts through meditation and other practices.

Embracing Love can mean mindfully examining and untangling the unproductive mental patterns that lead us to cause pain for ourselves and others.

What does Embracing Love mean to you?

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