Botanical Love by Jenn provides all natural plant based remedies for individual needs and lifestyles. Try these lovely teas, tinctures and salves or contact me directly to create something unique for your needs.

Tinctures – Tinctures are an excellent way to get concentrated doses of beneficial herbs without the time and hassle of preparing and drinking herbal teas. I use a combination of 95% organic cane alcohol and vegetable glycerin when creating tinctures to obtain maximum extraction of the plant properties while tasting sweet. Try one of my pre-formulated tincture blends or contact me directly to create a blend or single herb tincture just for you. *Single Herb – 1 oz $12, 2 oz $20, Blends – 1 oz $15, 2 oz $25*

Allergy Relief, Anti-Inflammatory, Anxiety Relief, Bone Density, Colitis Relief, Heart & Mind, Liver Detox, Love Your Body Mushroom Blend, Respiratory Relief, Sinus Relief, Sleepy Time

Herbal Teas Contact me to try my delicious herbal tea blends! *Prices vary based on current herb costs*

Citrus Immunity, Ginger Citrus Delight, Happy Heart Tea, Light & Lovely Hibiscus, Men’s Vitali-Tea, Nourish-Mint Tea, Sleepy Time Tea