Reacting to Tragedy with Love and Compassion

As we all reel from another tragic, senseless school shooting, it can be easy to react with anger. Yes, easy access to firearms is an issue, but the root problem is that our society is regularly producing individuals who are so isolated, alienated, and angry that they not only want to end their own existence, they want to do so while inflicting as much pain on the world as possible.

This is a systemic, societal problem causing widespread mental illness, pain, and suffering. One major cause of this epidemic of mental illness is a lack of connection – connection to our own emotions and connection to other human beings.

When we’re connected to our hearts and in tune with our emotions, we’re not capable of murdering innocent children. When we’re authentically connected to loving, caring friends and family, we’re not driven to slaughter strangers with no provocation.

Instead of lashing out in anger, I invite you to join together in community and build connection to our hearts and each other. Let’s spread love and compassion in the world instead of blame and alienation.

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Published by Matthew B

Scientist, Mystic, Photographer - bringing love, light, and beauty into the world, any way I can 😁

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