Djwal Kuhl – Spirit Guide Session 5-7-23

Djwal Khul joins us to guide today’s Spirit Guide Session! He takes us on a journey to Shambala, to connect with our guides and receive advice about following our Dharma, our Purpose in life. We also received his Dharma Activation*, as well as golden energy healing. *The Dharma Activation was read from Kyle Gray’s AncientContinue reading “Djwal Kuhl – Spirit Guide Session 5-7-23”

Kuthumi – Spirit Guide Session 4-23-23

In today’s Spirit Guide Session, we met Mahatma Kuthumi, an ascended master from India who frequently acts as a “Gatekeeper” guide, connecting with people who are new to the realm of spirit guides and helping to provide a safe and meaningful experience to new seekers.  He guided us on a journey to Shambala, and ledContinue reading “Kuthumi – Spirit Guide Session 4-23-23”

How I Started Channeling my Guides

The improbable story describing how my spirit guides first started spontaneously contacting me, and how I learned to consciously channel them. For more info, here are links to the books mentioned above: Angels and Archangels: A Magician’s Guide, by Damien Echols Opening to Channel: How to Connect with Your Guide, by Sanaya Roman and DuaneContinue reading “How I Started Channeling my Guides”

Journey through a Sacred Forest to Meet your Guides

Enjoy this guided visualization through a sacred forest to a magical place to meet your spirit guides and receive healing from them. Please click the link below, I guess this can only be watched on the YouTube website because of the music in the background? Sorry for the inconvenience… YouTube – Journey through a sacredContinue reading “Journey through a Sacred Forest to Meet your Guides”