Matt’s Journey to Love

Hello, my name is Matthew Busse. I go by Matt, or Matthew, or sometimes Mateo, depending who comes out to play.

It’s been a strange, wondrous journey that led me to where am I today. I started out on a worldly path, studying biology, training to be a scientist, I even earned a PhD in molecular biology, just before my thirtieth birthday. I did everything I was “supposed” to do, but when I finished graduate school, I felt lost. Life seemed meaningless, empty, purposeless.

Luckily for me, at this dark time in my life, I found a teacher. For the next ten years, I followed a spiritual path, studying tantric Buddhist mysticism, training to be a bodhisattva, I was even ordained as a monk. Although meditation saved me from depression and darkness, eventually I stopped growing on that path as well, and once again I began to feel lost and purposeless.

Around the time of my fortieth birthday, it was time for another big change, so I left my meditation group and my comfy life and I followed my heart into the unknown. For the next two years I was a semi-nomadic wanderer, spending winters in Costa Rica and summers in northern Wisconsin. Following my heart, I started finding myself, learning who I was underneath all the things I was trying to become. I started accepting myself as I am – flaws, imperfections, and all.

Then my heart led me to a yoga teacher training led by MC Yogi and his wife, Amanda. There, in the loving, safe space they created for the training, surrounded by beautiful, kind, loving souls, the protective shell around my heart cracked wide open and I started to fully love myself, exactly as I am.

Love healed my wounds, Love helped me find my place in the world, and Love led me to share this path of Love with others.

So here I am, teaching a path of Love – Love for ourselves, Love for our lives, and Love for the world and all the people in it.

November, 2021

Published by Matthew B

Scientist, Mystic, Photographer - bringing love, light, and beauty into the world, any way I can 😁

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