The Soul and the Higher Self

What’s the difference between the soul, the higher self, and guides? The soul inhabits the body. The higher self is the connection between the soul and the other side. The higher self is a part of the other side that the soul connects to. Our soul is our higher self in this reality. Guides areContinue reading “The Soul and the Higher Self”

What is Channeling?

There are other dimensions of pure energy. Other layers of refraction between this reality and the oneness that is the source of all, the source of everything, all matter and energy. In these other dimensions exist other consciousnesses. (All our consciousnesses exists there as well.) There are multiple other dimensions, but the divisions between themContinue reading “What is Channeling?”

Love as a Spiritual Path on the ‘Wake Up, Human’ Podcast

Embracing Love’s own Matthew Busse was interviewed for the Wake Up, Human podcast. The topics covered in this discussion include interfaith spirituality, love as a spiritual path, how we can reprogram our subconscious to love more, and the healing power of breathing. Check out the podcast here: