How Loving Ourselves can Save the World

First, we must define what it means to love ourselves. In order to fully love ourselves, to truly love ourselves, we have to honestly look at ourselves – look at all our flaws, all our character defects, all our shameful, hidden parts, our shadow, our compulsive urges, our dirty needs. We have to look atContinue reading “How Loving Ourselves can Save the World”

How I Started Channeling

It’s time to tell my story of how I started channeling. I feel a little weird talking about this because it makes me sound crazy. I’d like to preface this by saying I have a PhD in molecular biology and I work for an immunology database for a living, so by these societal standards, IContinue reading “How I Started Channeling”

Anyone can Learn to Channel!

We all have the innate ability to channel. If you’re drawn to read this you might have had experiences your own channeling. Anytime you’ve known something there’s no way you could have known, which felt like intuition, just knowing – that’s channeling wisdom from the other side. Artists and musicians are often channeling when they’reContinue reading “Anyone can Learn to Channel!”

The Soul and the Higher Self

What’s the difference between the soul, the higher self, and guides? The soul inhabits the body. The higher self is the connection between the soul and the other side. The higher self is a part of the other side that the soul connects to. Our soul is our higher self in this reality. Guides areContinue reading “The Soul and the Higher Self”

What is Channeling?

There are other dimensions of pure energy. Other layers of refraction between this reality and the oneness that is the source of all, the source of everything, all matter and energy. In these other dimensions exist other consciousnesses. (All our consciousnesses exists there as well.) There are multiple other dimensions, but the divisions between themContinue reading “What is Channeling?”