The Soul and the Higher Self

What’s the difference between the soul, the higher self, and guides?

The soul inhabits the body. The higher self is the connection between the soul and the other side. The higher self is a part of the other side that the soul connects to. Our soul is our higher self in this reality. Guides are other extensions of the one source that exist on the other side.

It’s not really the other side, there are multiple realities beyond the realm of perception of our minds. These other realms, other dimensions, they’re all refractions of the one source, spirit, the cosmic consciousness, whatever you want to call it. The G-word. They’re all different levels of refraction, each level becomes more unrecognizable from source.

With each level, more and more polarity is expressed, more opposites that create more diversity, more variety, with each level, until we get to our reality here, where there are many polarities, many facets along which the one true sources is split, reflected upon itself.

Our soul is the spark of the one source that lives in our bodies in this dimension, this reality. It’s connected to the higher self in another dimension. The higher self is itself just a refraction of the one true source. Our minds can connect to our souls, our souls can connect to our higher self, our higher self can connect to the one true source.

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