Chakra Alignment and Lower Chakra Power Chant

A 40 minute guided meditation that will clear and align your chakras followed by a power chant to awaken your root, sacral and solar plexus chakras to help you come into your courage. For more Radiant Spirit Meditation and Embracing Love Practices

Rainbow of Life Meditation (Video)

We all contain within us the Light and the Dark, the Yang and the Yin, Positive and Negative, however you wish to describe the polarity of life. By balancing these two complementary forces, we can allow the Light and the Dark to mix, forming the rainbow of life energy, which channels through our chakras intoContinue reading “Rainbow of Life Meditation (Video)”

Middle Pillar Chakra Meditation

A guided meditation to connect with all seven chakras and awaken the central energy channel of the body – the middle pillar of life connecting the infinite vastness of space and the infinite density of matter. This technique involves visualizations and vibrations of the bija mantra of each chakra. See the full journey in EmbracingContinue reading “Middle Pillar Chakra Meditation”