How Loving Ourselves can Save the World

First, we must define what it means to love ourselves. In order to fully love ourselves, to truly love ourselves, we have to honestly look at ourselves – look at all our flaws, all our character defects, all our shameful, hidden parts, our shadow, our compulsive urges, our dirty needs. We have to look atContinue reading “How Loving Ourselves can Save the World”

Healthy Boundaries Help us Love Ourselves

Creating healthy boundaries can be challenging for highly empathic people, because we often prioritize the emotional state of others over our own. But when we value ourselves as much as we value others, we’re able to nourish our beings and fill our hearts with love. And when our own hearts are full, then we haveContinue reading “Healthy Boundaries Help us Love Ourselves”

A Heart-Centered Perspective on Need in Relationships

In some spiritual paradigms, practices like meditation and self-love can be used to completely bypass the physio-emotional needs of the human experience. Here discuss an alternative view of “spiritual awakening” based on self-realization that embraces the full range human experiences. See the full journey in Embracing Love 12-16-21 More Heart-Centered Living