Reiki Restoration Journey

A guided journey of relaxation, restoration, reiki, and manifestation 😊 00:01 – Guided Relaxation 07:30 – Bubble of Love Visualization 10:30 – Reiki Restoration and Manifestation Journey 25:45 – Sharing Love Visualization *This video contains music, and can only be watched on YouTube, follow the link below to view More Embracing Love Practices

Visualizing Spreading Love into the World Meditation Exercise

A 40 minute guided meditation exercise to check in with your body and ground followed by a journey created to visualize surrounding yourself in love and spreading love and joy out into the World in all of your daily interactions. For more Embracing Love Practices

Rainbow of Life Meditation

We’re excited to announce our next online meditation event: the Rainbow of Life Meditation. Learn to open your body to the rainbow of life in this unique, guided visualization practice. Using breath, sound, and imagery, we will allow our bodies to be channels for the rainbow of life energy. We all contain within us theContinue reading “Rainbow of Life Meditation”

Consciously Choosing to Vibrate with Love

The world can seem like its full of hate, anger, and pain, and sometimes it feels like we’re constantly bombarded by negative emotions. When we absorb negativity from the world, we can either unconsciously reflect it back out at the world, passing it on to the next unsuspecting victim, or we can consciously choose toContinue reading “Consciously Choosing to Vibrate with Love”