How Loving Ourselves can Save the World

First, we must define what it means to love ourselves. In order to fully love ourselves, to truly love ourselves, we have to honestly look at ourselves – look at all our flaws, all our character defects, all our shameful, hidden parts, our shadow, our compulsive urges, our dirty needs. We have to look atContinue reading “How Loving Ourselves can Save the World”

Balancing Self-Acceptance and Self-Improvement

Our egos are constantly attempting to define ourselves, to create an identify of who we are. This is what the ego evolved to do, to help us figure out how we fit into the world around us and how we relate to our social environment. Along with this identify, the ego often creates expectations basedContinue reading “Balancing Self-Acceptance and Self-Improvement”

We don’t need Salvation for our Sins, we need Healing for our Wounds

We can let go of ideas of sin and wrongdoing, we don’t need a higher power to save us from ourselves. Our unresolved wounds are the source of our suffering, and we have the power to ease this suffering by giving love to those core emotional wounds. See the rest of the session in EmbracingContinue reading “We don’t need Salvation for our Sins, we need Healing for our Wounds”