Balancing Self-Acceptance and Self-Improvement

Our egos are constantly attempting to define ourselves, to create an identify of who we are. This is what the ego evolved to do, to help us figure out how we fit into the world around us and how we relate to our social environment. Along with this identify, the ego often creates expectations basedContinue reading “Balancing Self-Acceptance and Self-Improvement”

Fourfold Breath of Love Meditation and Loving the Ego Visualization

We begin by filling our hearts with love using a heart-centered meditation practice based on the “box breathing” technique. Then in that space of love, we visualize giving love to our ego, to calm the ego and release identifications with old wounds. See the rest of the session in Embracing Love Zoom 2-24-22 More EmbracingContinue reading “Fourfold Breath of Love Meditation and Loving the Ego Visualization”

How to Love our Ego into Wholeness

At times, we might find ourselves “stuck” trying to heal certain wounds and patterns, despite all our best efforts. This stuck feeling may develop when the ego forms an identify around the act of healing. When this happens, the answer might be to shine love on the ego itself, instead of on the wound we’reContinue reading “How to Love our Ego into Wholeness”