The Paradox of Self Love: How Love from Others Helps us Love Ourselves

Although self-love is a beautiful practice for bringing more love into our lives, our American obsession with self-reliance and rugged individualism can lead to unrealistic ideas that we need to become totally independent islands of love before we can love or be loved by others. But there’s a dirty little secret about self-love: for manyContinue reading “The Paradox of Self Love: How Love from Others Helps us Love Ourselves”

Embracing Love Zoom 1-20-22

A one-hour zoom conversation exploring the power of love to transform our lives and the world. Topics: 00:01 – Guided Relaxation Meditation 19:45 – The Paradox of Self-Love: How Love from Others Helps us Love Ourselves 29:20 – Fourfold Breathe of Love and Healing Meditation 40:00 – Discussion 50:10 – Inner Child Healing Visualization 58:45Continue reading “Embracing Love Zoom 1-20-22”

A Heart Centered Perspective on Healing Our Core Wounds

Healing our core wounds is a topic frequently discussed is many circles. But “healing our wounds” can easily become another thing we need to do before we can be happy, whole, and complete. Instead of working to heal our wounds, we can just start giving more love to the parts of ourselves that need itContinue reading “A Heart Centered Perspective on Healing Our Core Wounds”

Envisioning a Loving World Meditation

A special New’s Year’s meditation to set an intention for a more loving world in 2022. We begin by filling our hearts with love and then share this love with the whole world while we envision a world filled with love. See the full journey in Embracing Love Zoom 1-6-22 For best results, we recommendContinue reading “Envisioning a Loving World Meditation”