Envisioning a Loving Humboldt County

I was thrilled for the opportunity to guide a collective meditation on Day 2 of the Envisioning a Happy Humboldt Collective Meditations, held daily January 2nd – 12th, 2022. We can together to fill our hearts with love, then share that love with all of Humboldt County, while envisioning our towns and neighbors full ofContinue reading “Envisioning a Loving Humboldt County”

Middle Pillar Chakra Meditation

A guided meditation to connect with all seven chakras and awaken the central energy channel of the body – the middle pillar of life connecting the infinite vastness of space and the infinite density of matter. This technique involves visualizations and vibrations of the bija mantra of each chakra. See the full journey in EmbracingContinue reading “Middle Pillar Chakra Meditation”

A Heart-Centered Perspective on Need in Relationships

In some spiritual paradigms, practices like meditation and self-love can be used to completely bypass the physio-emotional needs of the human experience. Here discuss an alternative view of “spiritual awakening” based on self-realization that embraces the full range human experiences. See the full journey in Embracing Love 12-16-21 More Heart-Centered Living