Stillness of the Forest Meditation

Today we’ll be taking a break from the healing meditations and practice a meditation in stillness inspired by my hikes in the redwoods. While the healing meditations of the past weeks are helpful for clearing out repressed emotions and connecting with our hearts, we don’t need to be constantly focused on “fixing” ourselves. Sometimes it’sContinue reading “Stillness of the Forest Meditation”

Softening the Protective Shell that Hardens our Hearts

When we struggle to love ourselves or others without judgement, it’s often because we’ve developed a protective, hardened shell around our hearts that makes it difficult to connect to love. These protective shells develop in response to the emotional wounds we all suffer during our lives if we don’t feel, process, and integrate the emotionsContinue reading “Softening the Protective Shell that Hardens our Hearts”

Healing the Physical Manifestations of Emotional Wounds

When emotional wounds are repressed instead of processed, the unexpressed emotions are stored in the physical body. Over time, these repressed emotions can lead to physical illness. Many unexplained, chronic, difficult-to-treat conditions are the result of these unprocessed emotional wounds. In this guided visualization, we’ll begin to heal these wounds. For best results, we recommendContinue reading “Healing the Physical Manifestations of Emotional Wounds”