Healing the Wounds of Toxic Masculinity

Part of the difficulty humanity is facing in evolving away from an unfair, unhealthy, patriarchal social order is that everyone carries wounds inflicted by these systemic behavior patterns. Until these wounds are processed and integrated, the unresolved wounds tend to lead us to continually replay them, either on ourselves or other people. When we healContinue reading “Healing the Wounds of Toxic Masculinity”

Healthy Boundaries Help us Love Ourselves

Creating healthy boundaries can be challenging for highly empathic people, because we often prioritize the emotional state of others over our own. But when we value ourselves as much as we value others, we’re able to nourish our beings and fill our hearts with love. And when our own hearts are full, then we haveContinue reading “Healthy Boundaries Help us Love Ourselves”

Consciously Choosing to Vibrate with Love

The world can seem like its full of hate, anger, and pain, and sometimes it feels like we’re constantly bombarded by negative emotions. When we absorb negativity from the world, we can either unconsciously reflect it back out at the world, passing it on to the next unsuspecting victim, or we can consciously choose toContinue reading “Consciously Choosing to Vibrate with Love”

We don’t need Salvation for our Sins, we need Healing for our Wounds

We can let go of ideas of sin and wrongdoing, we don’t need a higher power to save us from ourselves. Our unresolved wounds are the source of our suffering, and we have the power to ease this suffering by giving love to those core emotional wounds. See the rest of the session in EmbracingContinue reading “We don’t need Salvation for our Sins, we need Healing for our Wounds”

Inhaling Love Meditation and Heart Centered Shadow Practice

We begin with a meditation to fill our hearts with love, then we move into a gentle, heart-centered shadow-work practice. We examine an unhealthy pattern or compulsion and seek the underlying wound. Then we give love to the wound to heal and resolve it. See the rest of the session in Embracing Love Zoom 2-10-22Continue reading “Inhaling Love Meditation and Heart Centered Shadow Practice”

A Heart Centered Perspective on Shadow Work

Shadow work can be a daunting process, because we’re looking at the parts of ourselves that we’ve been taught are shameful. Rather than trying to figure out what’s “wrong” with us, shadow work can be approached as a means to identify the wounded parts of ourselves that simply need more love. See the rest ofContinue reading “A Heart Centered Perspective on Shadow Work”